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CONNECTION,  As we sleepwalk and rush through our days, going from one point to another; do you ever stop and think what am I doing? Why am I rushing? Why am I in this daydream of pleasing everyone and not getting anywhere? Tell yourself to wake! Smell the roses. There is more to life that this and there is. We go out of our way so much to please others, to find common ground and a connection that we lose ourselves along the way. In a world full of technology and being connected wirelessly all the time leaves us all alone and desperate for a real connection. The Touch, the Feeling, to be looked at like you are important and where you can feel the love being shared as you sit quietly and send it energetically to whoever might be sitting next to you or you might be on the receiving end of such an amazing energy exchange. Society thinks we are robots and that we can do everything at once, our workload gets more and more and before we know it we are drowning ourselves. Stress settles in and then illness because our bodies can't keep up. Life should be enjoyed, you are meant to be happy, doing what you love and where you passions take you, no matter what others say how unrealistic that may sound because you can't want something that is not meant to be yours. You cannot want something that was brought to you to explore, refine and see where it takes you as you will only know if you would like it by trying it and experiencing the feelings state that action might bring to you. Don't cut people out and isolate yourself when you have been hurt or misused as that will only make matters worse where you may fall in depression and see the world from a perspective of lack and what is not wanted, instead be brave and go for what you want. The saying is "It is not how you fall that matters but how you get up". You will come out stronger and you will become a better "you" by taking only one step at a time. Start by noting your strengths and work on it and build those relationships and connections with the world. Push yourself because there is no growth by being stagnent and still. You are important, you are worthy and you have the right to say what is on your mind and you have the right to speak your truth. It might not be their truth but it is yours and you have to stand with what is right for you. Follow your heart, what is your feelings saying you should do right now?

It is never to late unless you believe it is. Your emotions is your internal guidance system and you will feel it in your solar plexsus when it is talking to you. Trust it, follow it and you will start to deverentiate between your mind and feeling states. Why sit and connect with nature, ground yourself and connect with you by doing this Tree Meditation. Tree Meditation Love and light Chrysilla Lewies 

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