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I am aware as I try to integrate aspects of myself that are supressed or denied the word fragmentation came to mind, and that is exactly what it is. We fragment our mind and parts of ourselves to cope in this world or in our relationships where we have had to supress parts of us that were not acceptable in our immediate environment to allow us to cope more effectively.

It all started on a Friday afternoon when I went out for lunch, and as I was sitting drinking my beverage I noticed someone shyly pointing to a carer who was looking after some mentally ill children and adults (I say this with respect). I clearly remember thinking to myself what an amazing job she is doing. The carer seemed so patient and caring. She went to each child / adult to check that they have all the right utensils to eat their food, salt and pepper and if they are happy before she went to sit down to have her meal.

I admired her, as I was putting myself in her shoes and visualising how I would have felt doing the same work. Observing that what she had to deal with was by no means an easy task. She kept those she cared for safe and protected them from those who point and laugh because they are not "normal" in our day to day society. We are disconnected as a whole when we cannot accept someone who is not "normal". Those who struggle physically or emotionally to cope and not having any empathy towards those less privileged than us.

I was then showed a vegetable farm in my mind’s eye. See how all the imperfect vegetables were thrown out because they were not acceptable to standards set by regulators. It seems if a carrot or cucumber is not straight or it doesn’t look a certain way it is not acceptable although it is perfectly find to eat apart from its looks.

Why does it matter? What difference does it make if it looks a bit different? It holds the same nutrients!

There are many studies that shows the magnificent amount of food that we waste yearly because of the specific food standards our factories and stores need to uphold. Hopefully the time will come when we can accept such things as small as a crooked carrot, maybe one day we will also accept the less privileged, disabled, or those who are ill. Whether it is in body or in mind without judgement and approach them with empathy and understanding. This might be the stepping stone to integrate aspects of ourselves as they reflect back from the external reality we are observing daily.

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