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You Are The Field of Consciousness

The Field of conscious is a source field of energy that surrounds us and all things. I see it as something that we can connect to in any given moment and when you come to realise that we are all consciousness having an individual experience, yet still connected within the fabric of the universe. It changes your world.

If you decide to contact a medium to hear from a loved one or to get advice and guidance, the medium will attune themselves, blend their energy to that of the spirit world, and in doing so they will connect to the consciousness of your loved ones. They might bring forth messages that will help you on your pathway; to bring forward proof of survival and that those close friends and family you have lost, are still with you when they leave this physical world. This will provide comfort in the knowing that death is just an illusion. A medium can also be a psychic and this can be established when the medium connects to your energy field of consciousness. They will be able to pick up on certain aspects and give you the proof of what they currently feel is going on in specific areas of your life. A good psychic will be able to tell you what they perceive you might encounter in the near future or any potential outcomes that could unfold. If your decisions and vibrational frequency stay the same and you don’t change your pathway as we all have free will, the psychic will have given you something that we call ‘fortune telling’. They would have indeed predicted the future if this is the case. The life we live is recorded in this source field of endless possibilities and the more we put our mind to something and decide on any given life path potential such as work, partners or marriages, children, or travel - the list is endless as we bring forth that what we desire forward into our energy field.

With animal communication, the channel can connect the soul essence of your pet here on the earth plane or those who have already crossed over. It is possible to connect to both in the same way, although one soul will reside in the 4th density and the living will still be in the 3rd dimension here in the physical plane of existence. You can use this gift to help animals who are currently struggling but have no words to express how they feel. You can connect to them when they are lost and the owners would like assistance to find where they might be found or when it is time to say goodbye and leave this world due to ill health. They can communicate this if you get the right communicator who works with animals with the respect and love they deserve. One of those respected communicators is Pea Horsley. When our beloved pets have passed they will come through to communicate just as your loved ones will through a medium. Are you starting to see how it’s all a field of consciousness with different names attached to it?

As an animal communicator myself, I had to introduce my new Cockatiel ‘Brandy' to my three cats. I introduced the new family pet and conveyed the message that she is now part of the family and not to be harmed. The only way I was able to do this was to individually connect with the field of consciousness of each of my cats. It has been two years and the Cockatiel spends more time with the cats and exploring the house than she is ever in her cage.

You can sit in quiet meditation and connect with your own Higher Self. It is not always easy and like any muscle or talent that need fine tuning, It will take time to train and perfect the practice of meditation. Persistence and discipline is key and it is important to always set an intention; ensuring you will not be disturbed whilst creating a space where you can open yourself up through your heart center and crown chakra to connect to your soul essence, the true aspect of the God particle you are. A part of this all-knowing consciousness.

The field can also be used to connect with crystals, semi-precious stones. You can programme your food or drinking water with your intentions and thoughts. This could all change your life when you learn and become aware of the power your thoughts hold. We create our own reality and the realisation of what a powerful being you truly are can be overwhelming especially if we are not even aware that we have the power to create exactly what we desire. This is the energy that we can use to our benefit and use to enhance our life, creating the life we want by managing our frequency, for better well-being or for manifestation.

Did you know that water is the closest vibration to the source field and crystals are amazing for programming?

If you have a love for water then you know why!

Water is pure, it cleanses your aura and energy field hence why it feels so good to have a swim, have that shower or soaking in long baths.

Connect with all of nature as we are also part it.

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