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The Secret Language of Sound


a word,

a frequency,

a wave.

Can you imagine sound to be so powerful, that it can make your entire being vibrate from your crown to the tip of your toes? A sound that fills a room and lifts your soul and stories told that we have a power within us to fill a room with light or move objects with our mind.

My theory is that the great Egyptian Gods were able to use sound to build the pyramids and that the knowledge was passed down through the ages to build other big structures such as Stonehenge right here in the U.K and other mega-structures around the world.

Through sound, we have created countless languages and dialects through many nations and cultures and that is how we understand each other today. We have forgotten sound within itself, and we have changed the meaning of sound and we now call them words. We have forgotten the power of sound and yet we still feel the effect of the words we speak. Words still hold a frequency that's carried from mind to soul and from one place to another weaving itself through our universe and everything in existence.

The Psalms in the Bible speaks of: "When the creator God spoke, and it came into existence, he issued the decree, and it stood firm." There are many variations of this sentence, but could this verse mean that we were created out of sound, through his "word"? “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

OM is a Sacred Sanskrit word. It's the Breath of God, the first sound of creation. It’s extraordinarily powerful when chanted in a group environment and everyone chants this Magical Sacred word in unison.

Words are magic: words are spells and incantations. Using the pitch of your voice, pronunciations through the pauses you take, and putting emphasis on the vowels and consonants that will convey your message in just the right way. You may use sound in the form of words to sweep someone off their feet, you may express love, understanding or what you like and dislike. A Universal Law: what you put out will be sent back to you like a reflection in a mirror. Words can make you, or break you and your thoughts become you.

Thoughts are real in our mind, a glossy image in our third eye. It really is only a vibration of past experiences formed by using our senses, (sight, feeling, smell, sound) and a remembrance of that experience or a creation through our imagination, but how we convey that experience will make all the difference in the world: one person will understand it differently to the next person. It is said that dolphins and whales communicate through images, and to convey the message they create the sound that reflects the image to be communicated.

Scientific research has shown that dolphins use a highly developed spoken language, and man will take a leap in evolution when this understanding comes to the forefront.

You’re a vibration, you’re Light, you’re God.

You are the author of your reality!

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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