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Internet To Inner-Net

Whilst scrolling through social media posts, I came across this statement "Internet to Inner-net", and within a second a wave of inspirations came flooding my way.

It works inspiringly well: how one word can be interpreted. If I give you the word "Love" for example, each reader will understand and describe the word differently. How I will describe the word is not how you will describe it at all, although it will have its own meaning, and will bring inspiration to those who listen to the message behind the word.

One can find extraordinary and amazing results through Google: depending on what you look for of course. Not sure if searching how to swim will help you swim, when jumping in the pool the first time, but non the less it has taught be so much and I will forever be grateful that I don't have to page my dad anymore, and being told my message must be 10 words or less.

But what does the inner-net mean?

Well it's simple really: we constantly look for things outside of ourselves, and by going within to find the answers we are guiding ourselves instead of looking for others to tell us what to do next, or what will be good for us, or maybe we are all just winging it instead of making a conscious effort. I'm sure as you know, everyone is always more than willing to share their opinions of what one should do and what is best; ultimately, they can only give you advise base on their own experiences, so the experience will be limited and may not be what you need. It is easy to go within: Sit quietly, ask your question and listen, or set your intention of what you would like to achieve; speak to your inner-net, and say that I would like for you to communicate with me in my dreams tonight, and before you fall asleep, set the intention that you will remember what you have dreamed so that you can write it down. Our mind is so active during the day, that we don't give our true self an opportunity to really communicate with us. During sleep time, our mind is out the way for communication to take place. It works differently for everyone.

Try it, and give yourself the opportunity to trust yourself and your gut instincts. You may find that it will be a lot of fun, and that you will get words, and feelings that may just be surprisingly correct. If that's the case you must be psychic. No really, I was sitting with the owner of a crystal shop today; the door went "PING", immediately I responded that you have a client who wants a reading. I just felt that in a 'knowing' kind of way, and it was. I got a look and the owner said: "how did you know?" Well, I must be psychic.

How would you know what sense you use?

Firstly, I would say that it can be recognised in the way you speak. Do you say: "I feel that something isn't right." That means you are using your feeling/knowing sense. Maybe you will say: "I can see you becoming a success." You see with your inner eye third eye, and not your physical eye, just as you do when dreaming. You may also intuitively hear a name. This like the seeing, will be a hearing with your etheric ear, and not your physical ear. I think people who physically hear is rare. When saying: "I think." You’re not using a sense, but your analytical analytical-thinking mind. Did you see what I did there?

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

Quantum Healer and Medium

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