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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Sometimes it’s easier to hide than ‘break a leg,’ as the saying goes.

Seeing yourself excluded from something, someone, or a particular situation, will automatically make you sink into the feeling of being unwanted or being unimportant.

Your energy field, and the energy you are emitting can be felt by others within your environment: 'exclusion / inclusion,' I'm not good enough, I don't fit in, I'm not smart enough. Whatever it may be.

It’s exactly what happens when you walk into a room and instinctively sense an eerie silence fall upon you. That unwelcome feeling of interrupting when something private is being discussed.

You are only feeling this way as you are viewing it from the centre of the storm. Find neutrality and the combination of attributes that may bring forth commonality. You will then find what's missing when you observe what feelings arise within you.

We are always looking for common ground, and therefore find that we are also a mirror for each other. Like attracts like, or even lack attracts what you don’t like.

Let me explain: when you feel a lack of confidence, or feeling incompetent, it only means that you have that potential within you to be the opposite. If I were to ask you to list all that you admire in the one person you look up to. You find that you are all of those things on the list, as you cannot see in someone something that you don’t hold within you already.

Ask yourself what that may be?

When something doesn't feel good, remove yourself from that situation, and if it's something that keeps coming up, then you know that it's of importance to acknowledge and act upon as your soul is calling you to own that potential.

Life is a journey of learning and discovering, and you need life experience to be able to grow, so I encourage the reader to experience new things, read books, and learn from others.

We are always learning from each other, and through applying what you have learned, you will not only grow, but you will excel.

Article by

Chrysilla Lewies

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