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The Awakening Shift - Phase 2

In December 21, 2012 there was a Shift that took place which caused a massive awakening which changed the lives of many to awaken, and to change their lives completely; family and friends circles, as well as more personal relationships.

It's been 7 years - well almost, and already I can see, sense, and feel the second phase of the shift being implemented. The energy is yet again increasing, with a new stream of of consciousness working to awaken and activate the next wave of consciousness, as well as upgrading our DNA on a cellular level of those who are already 'awake.'

The power of 7

Vibrates to: Neptune Represents: Spirituality, sensitivity, sympathy, and mystery. 7 is the number of illusion and delusion, sometimes deception - but also the number of healing and miracles, faith and dreams to come true. So, along with the number 7, you will also see the number 8 which is manifestation of your thoughts and desires. This is the time of remarkable dreams, and also the law of attraction manifesting faster than ever before. This number is all about having an interest in esoteric mysteries, mythology, spacecraft or UFOs, and the entire forest of the unknown. Activating the gifts of intuition and clairvoyance and a certain quieting, calming magnetism which has a great influence over others.

Healers who are already on their healing journey will find that merely their presence will have a soothing effect on a troubled person. The 7 vibration is associated with peculiar ideas about religion, a dislike of following the beaten path, and a tendency to adopt political beliefs which are unique and somewhat non-orthodox.

It's not unusual for 7 vibration to discover a new found believe or lead to new religious concepts. Caring little about material possessions or accumulating great wealth. Earning large sums of money through original ideas, but they're likely to make substantial contributions to charities or institutions.

The current flow of energy is pushing us towards our passions and life purpose, so you will naturally gravitate toward the arts: dancers, singers, poets, writers, actors, or actresses.

Take this time to reflect on what's going on in your life, and what are you being pushed into doing that's in the highest and best interest of you. Fear of change may be there in the background, but if you don't use this accelerated energy to push you forward into the direction you are meant to go, you may just regret not taking a leap of faith to see what may be awaiting for you on the other side.

Listen to your body and rest when you feel you need it. Take extra naps, drink more water, and eat healthy organic, raw foods.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner & Medium

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